Chronic Pelvic Pain and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
The Two Enigmas of Gynaecology Outpatient Clinics

You may wish to read the short text in the different parts of the side menu to have some idea about chronic pelvic pain. This well illustrated, detailed and easy to read book addresses many more aspects of  Chronic Pelvic Pain and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding. The sections addressing CPP epidemiology, bleeding points and CPP points in the side menu are selected from the book itself to show the quality of information provided and writig style. I have also included the 'Introducion ' section of the book to explain the reasons why I have written this bok.

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Important Notes

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Hard copies could be bought from Amazon or other reputable bookshops using the following ISBN 978-1-906645-77-9.


Chronic Pelvic Pain

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